December 2, 2008

Eye Update

Kenny went to the eye doctor yesterday and she said she was hopeful for a full recovery.  There is a stream of blood going through the retina causing the fogginess in his vision. His eye was reactive when she was examining him and she said it was a good sign his eye wasn't stuck in one position.  His pupil is permanently dilated due to the trauma, but that shouldn't affect his sight just his sensitivity to the light and darkness.  She also said it is too early to know the long term affect.  He has another appointment on Friday to see if the blood is going away on it's own.  If it is not he might have to have surgery to either remover the blood or stop the bleeding.  We will know more on Friday and keep you all updated.   

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Laura said...

Wow. Didn't realize it was that serious! Will be praying for him!