April 30, 2008

The Pinning....

We had a really great time last Friday at Kenny's pinning. It was a very neat experience. Here are a few pictures of that day.

April 14, 2008

Dancing Baby!!!

Well, there he/she is. I am 10 weeks today and we got an official due date today and it is November 7th. Kenny was able to go with me again and we got to see what looks more like a baby and not a ball! The baby was still for the first part of the ultrasound then started to flail it's arms and legs. We saw the flicker of the heartbeat and the umbilical cord too. It was soo neat to see!! In the picture the baby's head is at the bottom and it's arms and leg are in those little nubs you see on the sides and bottom, well top, of the picture. Kenny said it looks like a little teddy bear! As we were leaving I asked Kenny if he wanted to keep a picture of his baby in his wallet? I laughed cause I was making a joke, ya know how dads have actual pictures of their kids and families in their wallet, and Kenny said seriously "Yeah I should, then I can show my buddies at the academy"! My joke kinda flopped!
Tomorrow I go for a more in depth glucose test because my first one was high. The test is over 3 hours and they draw blood every hour. If it comes back high again I will be diagnosed with gestational diabetes. One of the side affects is a LARGE baby. I am doomed between this and the fact that large babies running in my family!
We are very thankful for everything going well and the baby growing. We are amazed by the little miracle growing inside me!