November 24, 2009

Ethan had his one year doctors visit last week and did pretty good, untill he got his shots. He got 4, one in each extreamity.

we decided to treat him on the way home from the doctor :)
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This is what happens when you take birthday cake away from the birthday boy...

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Here are a few pictures from Ethan's birthday.
soon after waking up on his birthday

driving from pictures to Baskin Robins for some birthday icre cream

my sister and her family, Kenny's parent and us all went out for a first birthday dinner

family photo opp.
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November 12, 2009


Here are some updated pictures of Ethan and our family.

November 11, 2009


peanut butter

Ethan can noe have peanut butter. I gave him a spoonful of it and he loved it. He even cried when I took the fully cleaned off spoon away from him.

November 3, 2009


Kenny had been sick all week and Ethan caught what he had, thankfully his only lasted for a day and a half and we were able to make it over to is parents for a little trick-or-treating around their neighborhood on Halloween. After we were done we came back and sat in their front yard and handed out candy while Ethan enjoyed his first dumdum, and let me tell you he LOVED it and it was gone in a matter of minutes!