May 12, 2010

Ethan's, Delaine inspired quilt..

Last week when Delaine was here she inspired me to make a quilt for Ethan. She helped me pick out the fabric, I cut 9o, 5 inch squares, then she helped me lay them out. I sewed it all together and even made button holes and sewed buttons on the back to hole the pocket together. My sister gave me a kid sized comforter a while back and I decided to make a duvet cover for it that can also be a blanket.
before the squares were all sewn together


the back with the buttons
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May 1, 2010


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Ethan found Kenny's work radio the other day and was having fun playing with it.

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Ethan's 2 favorite things: Eatin yogurt and feeding himself

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Ethan love to help me do chores around the house. I think the main reason why he likes to help me water in because he gets to play in the water.

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A couple of weeks ago we were at the Pool's and Ethan and his cousins had fun playing in a bowl of noodles dried beans. Since he had so much fun I thought I would get some for our house. Ethan will often grab his cups and digging tools and ask to play with the noodles.

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