December 29, 2008

The Fam

I am not sure if Ethan's head just fell back cause of lack of support, or if he like to look at his mommy and daddy.  I think it is the latter of the two.

The Johnson Boys

Here they are, all the boys.  Ethan did really well while we took tons of pictures.  He was probably wondering what all the bright white light were

Christmas at the Johnson's

Ethan's first Christmas went well.  It was a normal routine day for him with eating, playing and sleeping.  He didn't even know what was going on!  Here he is with Kenny opening his first Christmas gift.  He just woke up and is about to cry, but we wanted to get in a quick picture of him "opening" a gift before he had to eat!  He is supper sweet and cuddly.  We love him lots :)

The 4 Generations

Here is a picture of the four generations, three Ken's and one Ethan.  Kenny and I had to be different :)
Great-grandpa has surely enjoyed his first great-grandchild.  He has been waiting 4 years for one.

December 26, 2008

Update on Matt's Leg

He saw the doctor earlier in the week and concluded that he doesn't need surgery to remover the bullet fragment.  They are just going to leave it in and the doctor said it may even work it's own way out.  So, he is still going to Thailand and he leaves tonight.  Thankfully he doesn't need surgery and that he is felling better! 

Christmas Flowers

Kenny worked on Christmas Eve, but was home around 7:30 and brought me this large beautiful bouquet of Christmas flowers.  There is a flower shop near Kenny's station and him and his partner decided to get flowers for their wives, how thoughtful!  Officers at this flower shop get a discount and Kenny got these flowers for $8.50.  What a deal!
After Kenny got home we went out to look at Christmas lights and there are a lot of people out here that really go all out.  It makes it fun for us to look at but I wouldn't want to be the one to put up all the lights and take them down.  I am sure it takes them days!! 

Great Grandpa & Grandma

Kenny's grandparents came out to meet their first great-grandchild.  They came out the first week in December and will be here until the middle of January.  They have really enjoyed holding, rocking, and singing to Ethan.  

Pooh Bear

Thought this was a sweet one of Ethan.  He seems to be liking his baths and especially cuddling up after with his mommy or daddy.  We love the cuddles too :)

December 20, 2008

Urgent Care

Kenny, his brothers and dad went to the shooting range this morning and I just called him to see if they were going to go out to lunch after, so I could plan what I was going to do for lunch.  Kenny said they were on the way to urgent care.  My heart sunk for a second with his recent trip to urgent care, but I knew it couldn't have been for him cause he was talking to me and didn't sound like he was in any pain.  Well, it is his brother Matt. Matt was re-loading his magazine and his dad was going to shoot until Matt was ready to shoot again.  When his dad shot the target the bullet bounced back off it and hit Matt in the upper thigh.  Matt said ouch, not knowing what had happened, and put his hand in his pants to feel the spot that hurt.  His hand came out all bloody and upon closer inspection there was a little hole in his jeans where the bullet fragments went through.  Kenny said it was the shooting range's fault for having the targets too close to the area where you shoot from.  They gave them 4 free passes to come back, although I am not too sure Matt will go back and Kenny can't afford accidents like that either :)  I am just going to wrap him in bubble wrap to protect him from harm and so I don't worry too much.  They are on the way to get it checked out.  They think there might be some fragments lodged in his thigh that will need to be removed.  Please pray for him that everything goes well at urgent care and for him to not be in too much pain.  He leaves for Thailand on the 26th, so also pray for a speedy recovery!

December 16, 2008

Nap Time

Here is everyone taking a nap, except the one that should be, ME :)

Jessica & Ethan

Jessica is Ethan's oldest cousin and is she ever growing up.  She is holding him standing up and walking around and is very comfortable doing so.  She didn't get to hold him near as much as I think she wanted to, but really enjoyed the time she did get.  She even helped me lay him down for is nap!  Thanks Jess!

Enjoying The Mobile

Here is Ethan enjoying the sounds and colors of his mobile.  He is even more alert now then when I took these pictures a couple of weeks ago.  In some ways he seems to be growing so fast!  We have definitely been enjoying the "little baby" moments.

December 12, 2008

The Eye

Kenny had yet another appointment on Wednesday and the doctor said there was still a little bit of blood in the back of the eye.  Kenny said that he can't really tell a difference anymore between the two eyes, even thought there is still some blood and the eye is not fully healed.  He was cleared to go back out into the field, so that is where he is today.  He is currently on # different eye drops and has another appointment in a month.  The doctor is going to ween him of the drops and see if his eye can maintain on its own.  Once again we are very thankful for the healing in his eye and your prayers.

December 8, 2008

Interpol's Most Wanted

On Saturday when Kenny was working the front desk, Interpol's Most Wanted walked in, Stein Bagger, and surrendered.  He was wanted for embezzlement from a bunch of different companies, including IBM.  He embezzled between 160 to 200 million dollars.  He was on vacation with his wife and child when he thought his wife was going to turn him in so he flew from Denmark to New York and then drove from there to Los Angeles.  He's been in the United States for a few day and decided he was tired of running so he walked into the police station and surrendered.  Kenny and the other officer working the front desk handcuffed him and eventually took him to the immigration control and enforcement offices.  Yesterday all the local news channels and newspapers  were swarming the office where Kenny works and wanted to interview him and the other officer, they kindly declined.  It is the biggest news story in Denmark this year!!

December 5, 2008

Ethan, Again :)

Here are a few pictures Kenny and I took of Ethan yesterday.  

Another Eye Update

Kenny had another appointment today and the doctor said his eye looks a lot better and the blood is a lot less.  He says the fogginess in his left eye isn't as bad and it only bothers him in bright light.  He has another appointment next Thursday and they are going to dilate the pupil to see what is going on in there and if there is any damage.  He is cleared to go back to work, but he has to work the front desk for week.  After that he hope to be back in the field.  We will wait to see what the doctor says about going back out to the field after his appointment.

December 2, 2008

Uncle Matt & Uncle Brian

Finally, here are a couple of pictures of Matt and Brian holding Ethan.  They both are very good with their first nephew.  Matt said before Ethan was born that he wasn't going to hold Ethan for 2 years, but they are both pro's.

Rockin' Out

Derek was in Santa Clarita working yesterday and after work he brought pizza and hung out until traffic died down.  Him and Kenny played the Wii, of course!!  They started out playing golf, baseball, and bowling and had a lotof fun doing so.  When they were done with the sports Kenny asked him if he wanted to play Guitar Hero.  Derek said he wasn't that interested and would just watch Kenny play.  After he played one song Derek said he would try.  So here he is rockin' out!

Anna and Addie

Thanksgiving night we spent the night at the Pool's.  Addie had a lot of fun playing all day and by the time we all went to bed she was tired too.  She decided to climb into bed with Anna and Leah (Leah is to the left in the bed too).  Anna thought it was neat that Addie climbed up in bed with them and laid down to snuggle.  Anna was ready to sleep with her the whole night, but about 10 minuted later Addie came walking into the bedroom Kenny and I were in and slept with us!!  The Pool kids have really grown to love Addie and it is soo cute :)

Eye Update

Kenny went to the eye doctor yesterday and she said she was hopeful for a full recovery.  There is a stream of blood going through the retina causing the fogginess in his vision. His eye was reactive when she was examining him and she said it was a good sign his eye wasn't stuck in one position.  His pupil is permanently dilated due to the trauma, but that shouldn't affect his sight just his sensitivity to the light and darkness.  She also said it is too early to know the long term affect.  He has another appointment on Friday to see if the blood is going away on it's own.  If it is not he might have to have surgery to either remover the blood or stop the bleeding.  We will know more on Friday and keep you all updated.   

November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving Day

We had quite an eventful day.  While the kids, big and small, were playing whiffle ball, Kenny pitched to his brother Brian and he hit a line drive right back square in his eye.  I didn't know what had happened. All I saw was Kenny laying flat on the ground with everyone standing around him.  He slowly got up and when I saw him, this is what his eye looked like (see picture below).  He was unable to see out of it, so I called the nurse help line, and they said to come to the hospital.  So Kenny, his dad, Derek, and Matt spent a couple of hours in the Urgent Care.  The doctor said he would be able to see better in a couple of days and he has a follow up appointment on Monday.     

The picture doesn't do it much justice, it swelled up quite a bit more and bruised the next day.

November 23, 2008

Checkin Out The New Addition

The other day we had Ethan in his bassinet and Kenny was leaning over the edge watching him.  Addie was very curious, jumped up on the bed and leaned in like Kenny was.  It was soo cute.  They had a stare down and I think Ethan won.  It has been a lot of fun watching Addie react to Ethan.  She has been so gentle with him.  Little does she know that someday Ethan will be bigger then her :)

First Bath

Ethan's first bath started out okay, surprisingly.  After he was naked for a few minutes he started to cry because he was cold.  Kenny and quickly finished his bath so we could snuggle him and warm him up.  

November 19, 2008

Addie and Ethan

 Addie has been very curious since we brought Ethan home.  She has tried to lick him, sniff him, and follows Kenny or I around when we are holding him.  She has been very good and careful around him and is slowly learning not to get too close when Ethan is in his swing or bouncy seat.  

More Hospital Visitors

The day after Ethan was born we had lots of visitors.  It was nice to have visitors all day long, it made the time pass quickly :)  Here are a few pictures of the people who came to see us and hold Ethan.  He is soo loved!


My friend Delaine and her 3 week old daughter, Reagan, came to visit us at the hospital.  There are 2 other of our friends that are having babies in the next few months.  I am excited that Ethan will have playmates so close in age along with, of course, all of his cousins :)

Proud First Time Grandparents

Kenny's parents are so excited about their new grandson!  It is the first grandchild on his mom and dads side and first great-grandchild :)  Kenny's grandparents are coming out the first week of December to meet Ethan for the first time.  They are also really excited.  His grandpa has been waiting for a great-grandchild for four years now and he is finally here :)

Thanks For The Help!

My mom came out for a week to help Kenny and I adjust to life with a baby at home.  We were very grateful to have her here to help at night and during the day with the meals when she wasn't preoccupied playing Guitar Hero on our Wii :)  Some help they both were coming over to see and help with Ethan :) 

No, Mom, we are truly thankful for all the help you were and our first night without you went really well!  Thanks a bunch! We Love You!!

November 16, 2008

Meeting The Pool Cousins

On Thursday my sister and her kids came to see Ethan at the hospital.  All the cousins were excited to hold him, especially Luke.  Luke was trying to grab him out of Sandy's arm and hold him.  I think it was the first time Luke saw me and the first word out of his mouth weren't "where's Addie" (our dog that he absolutely loves).  Thanks for coming to see us at the Hospital!! 

Ethan James

Gonna make this a short one so I can get in a quick nap before I have to feed him again!

Ethan James was born to us on November 12th.  He is 21 inches long and weighed in at 8 pounds 11 ounces.  He is doing well and I am recovering slowly.  Kenny and I are now adjusting to our new life with our new precious baby.