October 3, 2007

Family Vacation

Every 2 years my whole family gets together for a vacation. It is a lot of fun because this is the only time we are all together. This year I got to plan it. The night we arrived my Dad surprised his daughters and their husbands with tickets to the Packer Viking game! That was a lot of fun. A couple of the other activities we did was the Children's Discovery Museum and Edwards Apple Orchard. This was the first family vacation we were home in the fall and the weather was wonderful!

New Job!!!!

Well, It's official. I have officially accepted a job with the Los Angeles County Fire Department Wildland Division. We are very excited about this opportunity. I have been training almost everyday and am hopefully getting in good shape. The Academy starts Oct. 22 and runs for 4 weeks. It is a very challenging academy, so your prayers are very welcome. I also recieved a conditional job offer with the LAPD. So if for some reason the Fire Department doesn't work out, I have that to fall back on.
We will keep everyone updated as things unfold.

August 23, 2007


Kenny surprised me with a birthday party Saturday night! It was my first surprise party, and I was really surprised. Kenny has a hard time surprising me. I guess I take after my Dad. Kenny "hired" Kellie to put it all together and she did a very good job. Thanks Kel! We had Stone Fire for dinner and played a ring toss game, stick the nose one the clown, and broke a pinata. Here are a few pictures from that night for all of you to enjoy.

August 22, 2007


Here are a few more pictures of Addie! She is growing so fast! We are still in the process of potty training her, but it is going a lot better. We are understanding eachother better. Last Wednesday Kenny took her out around 2 in the morning, came back in and went right back to bed. I was up getting a drink of water and she was out with me. I noticed a few bumps on her back and got Kenny up (this was the night he was supose to have 8 hours of sleep because of his polygraph test) to check it out. We thought she was having an allergic reaction, but were not sure, untill we looked at her face. Her left eye was almost swollen shut! Kenny called an emergency vet number and they told us to give her children's benadryl. So off to the store I went! I slept with Addie in the living room, well she really didn't sleep. At 6 she had hives from her neck all the way down her back legs, she had been crying for the past 4 hours and was very uncomfortable. I called an after hours vet and she said to bring her in. We were home around 7:30 and she slept for a couple of hours from the shots. I gave her more benadryl at noon and was monitoring her breathing to make sure she was still alive! From 2 till 6 all the hives had come back and she seemed in more discomfort than earlier. We took her back to our normal vet and gave her a strong steroid shot and some oral medication. By the next morning all of the hives were gone! I slept on the air matress the next two nights so she would not disturb Kenny.Kenny had to rescheduled his polyraph 'cause of lack of sleep. Her and I are both catching up on our sleep!:) All is well now and she has most all of her energy back!

August 5, 2007

Our New Baby Girl!!

Our newest addition to our family is Addie. She was born on May 30th. She is a boxer puppy. We have had her since last sunday and are in the process of housebreaking her. She is starting to catch on and sleeps through the night now too.

Pool Week!

Well we have had a busy couple of weeks! The Pool's came to visit us back "home" in Santa Clarita. We spent most of the week in the pool and playing games. We also went to the beach one morning. Kenny was able to take a couple of days off so he could spend more time beating Derek at the games they played. They had fun playing basketball in the pool and making up their own rules. We were also introduced to a couple of new resturants that we had never been to and really enjoyed

July 22, 2007


This is Kenny and Katherines new Blog. Come check in every now and then to see what is going on with us. We will try to update it as much as possible. Thanks. Have a great week.