June 19, 2009

back packin'

I found this back pack at a garage sale for 3 bucks. It is in great condition and was excited to come home and show Kenny. We took Ethan out in it for a test and he LOVED it. He was looking all around, mostly watching the cars drive by. I think he liked the 'taller' perspective of the world (he is normally in his stroller). Sorry the last 2 pictures are blurry, but I wanted to put them in cause I thought they were cute. Hope you enjoy the pictures!!

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Good Morning

This is Ethan when he gets up from his naps. When he is up, or its time to wake him up, we go in his room, pat his back a little and say 'good morning'. He slowly lifts his heavy head and gives us a big smile. He is so sweet.

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6 month check-up....proceed at your own risk

I know this is a little late but better late than never. Ethan's appointment went really well and the dr. said he is just average. A little under the 50th percentile for weight and head size and about the 90th for is length. He is getting so big now and he is even bigger now then the pictures below. He makes us smile everyday!!

Sorry for the 'sad' pictures!

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June 7, 2009


Kenny took this video Saturday morning while I was out at garage sales. He has really gotten the hang of the bouncy part of his exersaucer. All the toys that make nose usually go off when he gets bouncing really hard and makes him bounce even more. I feel bad for our downstairs neighbors, it probably sounds like an earthquake to them.

June 3, 2009


Kenny got a call to Staples Center the other day and him and his partner got to go down to center court and take a couple of pictures of the Lakers court.  
Go Lakers!!!!!
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bike ride

This is a picture of Ethan's first bike ride. He did really well and I think he enjoyed it. We did about a 3 mile round trip ride and it was really nice. It felt good to get out, exercise and enjoy the fresh air.

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cool dude at the pool


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more pictures at the park




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