December 8, 2008

Interpol's Most Wanted

On Saturday when Kenny was working the front desk, Interpol's Most Wanted walked in, Stein Bagger, and surrendered.  He was wanted for embezzlement from a bunch of different companies, including IBM.  He embezzled between 160 to 200 million dollars.  He was on vacation with his wife and child when he thought his wife was going to turn him in so he flew from Denmark to New York and then drove from there to Los Angeles.  He's been in the United States for a few day and decided he was tired of running so he walked into the police station and surrendered.  Kenny and the other officer working the front desk handcuffed him and eventually took him to the immigration control and enforcement offices.  Yesterday all the local news channels and newspapers  were swarming the office where Kenny works and wanted to interview him and the other officer, they kindly declined.  It is the biggest news story in Denmark this year!!

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