February 7, 2010


They're finished!! I absolutely love them!! My dad worked really hard and I appreciate him so much! There are 2 small things left to do in the master bath (hang mirror and replace the outlet), but other than that they are in full working order.

Thanks again dad for all your hard work! We love you!

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February 3, 2010

blueberry pancakes

I'll let the pictures do the talking :)!

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THis morning my dad grouted both bathrooms and set the toilet in the master bath. He also took out the toilet in the hall bath and finished laying the tile there.

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laying the tile

Here my dad is laying out and setting the tile. I didn't take any pictures of the hall bathroom, but it is the same tile. It is coming along great!

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February 2, 2010


Over the past few weeks we have been playing a lot of cards and Ethan wanted to join in. I found a deck of card that was a few short and let him play his own card game. The other day he pulled his cards out and I sat him at the table and he played for a few minutes. He looked like such a big boy sitting there entertaining himself with the cards.

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after day 2......

Here are pictures of both of our bathroom all patched up. My dad had to cut holes in the drywall so he could do plumbing and recenter the light fixtures. After yesterdays long day of work for Kenny and my dad, it was starting to look put back together. It's easier for me to picture what it will look like when its finished, but it will be nice when it actually is done :)!

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February 1, 2010

sweet tooth

My dad and Ethan have become best buddies. Ethan especially loves it when grandpa shares his blarney stone bar with him. Ethan will go into the kitchen, point up where the bars are, and sign "please" very excitedly. I'll say go sit by grandpa and he will run out of the kitchen with a big smile on his face, find grandpa sitting on the couch, and wait for me to bring the bar. He is really enjoying having my dad here and especially the blarney stone bars!

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photo booth

I was having too much fun with photo booth on my computer today. I took a lot of pictures and these are the funniest/cutest ones.

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