December 20, 2008

Urgent Care

Kenny, his brothers and dad went to the shooting range this morning and I just called him to see if they were going to go out to lunch after, so I could plan what I was going to do for lunch.  Kenny said they were on the way to urgent care.  My heart sunk for a second with his recent trip to urgent care, but I knew it couldn't have been for him cause he was talking to me and didn't sound like he was in any pain.  Well, it is his brother Matt. Matt was re-loading his magazine and his dad was going to shoot until Matt was ready to shoot again.  When his dad shot the target the bullet bounced back off it and hit Matt in the upper thigh.  Matt said ouch, not knowing what had happened, and put his hand in his pants to feel the spot that hurt.  His hand came out all bloody and upon closer inspection there was a little hole in his jeans where the bullet fragments went through.  Kenny said it was the shooting range's fault for having the targets too close to the area where you shoot from.  They gave them 4 free passes to come back, although I am not too sure Matt will go back and Kenny can't afford accidents like that either :)  I am just going to wrap him in bubble wrap to protect him from harm and so I don't worry too much.  They are on the way to get it checked out.  They think there might be some fragments lodged in his thigh that will need to be removed.  Please pray for him that everything goes well at urgent care and for him to not be in too much pain.  He leaves for Thailand on the 26th, so also pray for a speedy recovery!

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