April 30, 2009

Mommy's Helper

The weather was really nice the other day and I decided to put some green on our porch again. I got the planter from Sandy's house when they moved to AZ and killed the hard to kill boxwood that were planted it. I got some more boxwood and some other little purple and white flowers
(sorry mom I can't remember the name right now). Ethan enjoyed 'helping' me and getting dirty.

Ethan reaching for the dirt on the ground. Just the beginning of that I'm guessing :)

Addie even helped a little

Ethan reaching for the leaves on the boxwood

Finished project. Hopefully it lasts for a few days!!
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Too Many

To seel all the posts I have done in the past couple of days you have to go to 'older posts' link at the bottom of the page.

April 29, 2009


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More Pool Pictures




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At the Pool in Vegas

getting ready for the pool

eagerly wanting to go in the pool

almost there

we finally made it
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When we got back form WI we had a couple of days to recover and then we were off the Vegas. We went there with our friends Dan, Delaine, and Reagan. We had a really great time. Lots of food, walking, and pool time.
on the way

in the lobby at the Palazzo, it was so pretty

Daddy and Ethan

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More WI

My Grandma Schut with Ethan


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Easter Sunday

My dad and Ethan
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Still More WI

Kenny's aunt and uncle came to my parents house one afternoon and we got to meet his twin cousins for the first time. They live in Illinois about 45 minutes south of my parents.

Kenny with his cousins, yeah cousins:), Aunt and Uncle, and Ethan with his second cousins.

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More WI

Laura, her kids, and my mom



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The next few posts are going to be from our trip to WI. Ethan did really well on the flight there and back and adjusted well to the time change too. I could not have asked for anything better. We had a great relaxing time while we were there. Laura's kids really enjoyed Ethan and I enjoyed being home and seeing family. We played lots of games, went to Culver's (only once tho:)), had Easter dinner at my parents, saw my friend Carrie and my parents friends Sally and Jerry. We had lots of fun with you Mom and Dad and Laura and your family. It was really good to see you all :)

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Pool Time

I got this little inflatable pool at a garage sale and have used it once. The kids really seem to enjoy it. Ethan wasn't too sure about it but warmed up to it after a little bit. He has grown so much in the past month :)

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April 7, 2009


I was playing peek-a-boo with Ethan and Kenny caught his laughter on camera. We love the way he laughs. It's kind of like a squeal. He has been so much more happy lately for a longer period of time and Kenny and I have really enjoyed him.

Bath Time

This was Ethan's bath last night. This was the first time we gave him a bath without the newborn attachment and where we let him soak and play in the water a little bit. I think he really enjoyed it.

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Gas Mask

This how is how Kenny changes Ethan's stinky diapers!



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