August 15, 2008

28 Weeks..

Well I'm officially 28 weeks, meaning only 12 left!  Time has sure flown by.  I had a doctors appointment on Thursday and Kenny was able to go with me.  We had another ultrasound, upon request, and we got to see how much he has grown in 8 weeks.  He was quite active trying to grab his feet and kicking.  The doctor said everything is looking good.  I start going every 2 weeks now and I need to get some more lab work done this week.  I might as well just set up camp outside :) 

This one's for you Katy!!

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Anonymous said...

Here there- thanks for posting a pix. I can't believe we haven't seen you guys for months. We should get together soon- maybe go to dinner or dessert or something, before this big new change in your lives! I hope you are doing well, you look great!