March 26, 2010


This past Tuesday we took Ethan to the emergency room for hives and found out he has pneumonia! He woke up from his nap with hives all over his body and, what sounded like to me, difficulty breathing. We took he to the hospital right away. After a dose of tylenol and benadryl he was up and walking around and playful again. The doctor wanted to take chest x-rays just to make sure they weren't missing anything, and sure enough they found pneumonia on his lungs. They transferred us to an ER room and started and IV for fluids and antibiotics. Around 7:30 pm they told us we could go home, but to monitor his breathing and temperature. Ethan and I didn't get much sleep the first night. His breathing was still a concern to me on Wednesday, but we had a follow up on Thursday so that made me feel like I could make it 24 more hours. We went in Thursday morning and he wasn't as tight in his chest, but still was concerning to me. He had a good day yesterday and took a long nap. This morning is the first time I feel much better about his breathing. We are going back for another chest x-rayin 5 weeks to make sure the pneumonia is clearing up.

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