February 22, 2009

Kitchen-Before & After

My parents came out to visit the California branch of their family the end of January and we had a great time with them.  My dad got to meet Ethan and help us put in an over the range microwave.  We have very little counter space in the kitchen and putting the microwave in freed up a ton of counter space.  My dad and Kenny had to take out and shorten the cabinet that is in the first picture before they could put the microwave up.  One of the things my dad had Kenny help with was sawing the frame of the cabinet and he cut his finger.  I got a band-aid and some neosporen to put on it and my dad laughed.  He's been hurt on the job several time and waits to go the the dr. until the end of his work day, and his accidents have been more severe then a shallow cut.  I am really thankful for how handy my dad is.  Its a real money saver.  He can basically do any household project. 

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