January 24, 2009

Sleepy Head

These pictures were taken the day Ethan had his 2 month doctors appointment and shots.  He has 3 shot total.  Two in one thigh and one in the other.  He had a delayed reaction after the first shot and then let out a very LOUD and SAD cry.  The rest of the day he was a little off and all I wanted to do was give him extra snuggles because I felt bad for him.  He ended up being a trooper and was so cute when I went in to wake him up to feed him that I had to take a few pictures :).  The last picture was taken after I was done feeding him and he still had some sweet looks to give us.  We love him soo much. 

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Sandra said...

He's getting so big! It feels like forever since we've seen him... and Luke keeps asking if I can call you to see if Addie can come over! He looks more like his Daddy than ever (to me). Enjoy your time with M&D.