October 20, 2008

Not Long Now

I have 2 and a half weeks left to go.  Who know if he will come by then or not though, but she did say they would induce me on the 13th if he hasn't come yet.  During my doctors appointment last week Kenny asked what we could do to make him come faster.  She listed off a whole bunch of things.  Her ideas mainly revolved around exercising.  She said that he is sitting very low and that I am 60% effaced and any physical activity where gravity is in my favor will help.  Kenny proceeded to say that he was going to make me walk home all the way from the doctors!!  Kenny is soo excited for his arrival and keeps on talking about the things he is going to do with him.  Everyday he asks me, at least once, if I think today will be the day!  He even called me on my way to church yesterday and asked if i was going into labor.  I said to him, "don't you think I would call you if I were on my way to the hospital?"  He said. "I don't know!"  I think he just wants to get out of work.  He is on a 4 day stretch right now and would rather me have the baby when he is working then when he has a day off :)

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe that you are at the end now- and I can't believe we haven't seen you since you found out you were pregnant! We will be praying for you two during the new time in your lives. ~Katy