September 28, 2008

Guitar Hero

This afternoon we spent a little time playing our new Wii game, Guitar Hero.  Matt bought it for Kenny and I and showed us how to play.  Matt is by far a better guitarist then Kenny or I.  He could play the hard level and pass the songs.  Kenny picked it up pretty fast and I have a hard time with the hand eye coordination on the easy level.  It is definitely a lot harder then it looked, well at least to me.  The notes fly by you on the screen and you have to hit the correct color on the guitar and strum at the same time!!  If you miss too many notes the crowd boos you off stage!  I got booed of :)  It is a lot of fun, but we both need a lot more practice.  We'll have to get that in before Felipe comes!!

Matt showing us how it is done, while Addie tries to figure out what he is doing

Kenny doing a pretty good job for his first time

Me laughing my way through it cause it was soo hard

Addie wondering what in the world all that racket is :)

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